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Wilderness Culture X Christin Healey

Wilderness Culture X Christin Healey


I think we can all agree by now that getting outside is good for the soul in so many different ways. Disconnecting from the day to day grind, breathing in that fresh air, opening yourself up to new experiences, and feeling the freedom that comes with embarking on a new adventure with so many possibilities in front of you.  And then reality sets in; not enough time off work, not enough money in the bank, social obligations, no one to go with you, too tired, etc, and all those bucket lists and dreams stay just that. At the end of the day though, it’s all about taking that leap.



Your adventures may start small, with a sunrise hike before work, or a kayak ride on a lake nearby. They may start with an epic expedition to the ends of the earth, jam-packed with adrenaline-fueled days. You may be a total newbie at all this “outdoorsy” stuff, learning the ropes of the basics, or a seasoned explorer going after lofty goals that would impress even the most intrepid traveler. The thing to remember, is that we are all constantly learning, always evolving, and the only way to grow at times is to get outside that safe place that is your comfort zone.



As most of you know who have spent a night outside in the rain or cold, hiked for hours upon hours over difficult terrain, or done just about anything that sparked a little fear or discomfort in them, it’s not always fun, and really putting yourself out there can be downright miserable at times. But that feeling afterwards, of knowing you really pushed yourself, of knowing that without the modern world at your fingertips you survived with only what you carried on your back, that feeling will keep you coming back for more, and time spent among the trees, mountains, and elements is something that will find a place in your heart on not let go. 




So, for all of you lovely humans out there whose hearts and minds are filled with wanderlust and dreams for days. Who pour over jaw-dropping images day after day, wishing you could see them for yourselves….do it. Make a plan. Write it all down. Work on that plan every.single.day. Tell your friends and family. Rethink that dinner out or daily coffee shop, and start a travel fun. Grab your dog, your bike, or just your hiking shoes and get out there. The world is all out there, just waiting for you to reach out and grab it with both hands - I’ll see you out there everyone. 




Happy travels friends! Questions, concerns, just want to say “hey”? Would love to hear from you. 


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