The Freewaters Trifecta: A Different Kind of Sandal

The Freewaters Trifecta:

A Different Kind of Sandal


Are these the perfect sandals for the guy who hates sandals? Maybe not perfect, but pretty close…

I am going to be very honest, I hate open-toed shoes. I have never liked flip-flops. Sandals aren’t my thing either. When I was asked to try out some shoes from Freewaters, I was honestly pretty excited. Then I found out they were sandals, and that enthusiasm waned a little. Still, I maintained an open mind and they won me over. For me, that came down to three things.

I will start with the most obvious. They look good. When I saw the Trifecta, I was surprised. They don’t look quite like anything I had seen before. They have a kind of sophisticated simplicity that feels stylish and modern. These are definitely the kind of shoe that you could wear around town.

Freewaters has managed to create something that combines most of the good from both worlds, while eliminating most of the bad

Freewaters has managed to create something that combines most of the good from both worlds, while eliminating most of the bad

Looks are great, but we should get to where the rubber meets the road (forgive me, but I had to).

Second, the Trifecta has a much more rugged sole than an average flip flop. Which is one of my complaints with regular flip flops. The Trifecta has a pretty chunky tread, and utilizes something they call a “zoned footbed” to provide both comfort and support. This footbed combines a firm, sculpted sole, with strategically placed Supreem Foam inserts. The result is a very comfortable shoe that also soaks up uneven terrain.

Which brings me to probably my favorite thing about them. The top strap. You can think of it as an extra strap, if you are comparing them to flip flops. If you are coming from traditional sandals, it’s that missing back strap that makes the magic happen. The Trifecta is nearly as easy to get on or off as a flip flop, and after a little adjusting, they were nearly as secure as a regular sandal.

In practice, I found them comfortable and far more capable than I expected. I tested them in marsh, on trails, and sand. They handled it all with relative ease. On trails and marshes, I didn’t have to worry about them coming off. They handled rough terrain well, and after an afternoon of exploring, my feet were still feeling good. When I did make it to the beach, they popped on and off with ease. The simplicity of the design also meant that what sand they did collect cleared out really quickly. They strike a great balance between convenience and capability.

That really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as Freewaters itself is all about balance. Freewaters has found a way to create quality products that serve a larger purpose. They are not a non-profit or charity, but they have built a business that helps provide people in underserved communities with access to clean water. So far, they have completed 80 clean water projects across three countries, with 15+ more in progress. All while pushing footwear innovation. In some ways, the Trifecta is metaphor for Freewaters itself. A hybrid that works.

Given that I don’t like either sandals or flips flops (I know I am definitely the minority in that opinion), I was honestly surprised that I liked the Trifecta. Freewaters has managed to create something that combines most of the good from both worlds, while eliminating most of the bad. To be clear, I am not suddenly converted into a sandal lover. My regular shoes aren't going anywhere, but these have earned a place alongside them. That’s really high praise coming from me. I have owned literally one pair of open toed shoes in my life. I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t like sandals. Still, these won me over.

Depending on the day and the activity, you shouldn't be suprised if you catch me rocking the Trifecta. Again, from me, that's really high praise.

Want to snag a pair?

Want to snag a pair?

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