Why would you buy a digital workshop? Probably for the same reason we are offering it. Why is that? Let us explain.

Wilderness Culture exists for two main reasons: to equip your next adventure, and protect the playgrounds you adventure in. That's why we created Wilderness 101: The Basics of Outdoor Imagery. By equipping you with new skills and knowledge, we believe we just might inspire you to tell new stories, more stories, or maybe tell the same ones even better. We believe those stories will inspire more awareness. More conversation. More conservation, and hopefully, more adventure.


Mt. Cook National Park

Milford Sound

Lake Wanaka

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Shot In Beautiful New Zealand

In Wilderness 101, you will follow mentors Quin Shrock and William Woodward through the incredible landscapes of New Zealand as they teach you the basics of:
  • Working with clients
  • Making Money with Social Media and Content
  • Choosing to the right gear
  • Composition
  • Working with Light
  • Color Grading
  • Editing and Retouching
  • Telling Stories with Social Media
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